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Opportunities for Physics graduates

Physics is a fundamental science and for this reason most other scientists need to study the subject. Chemists, engineers, biologists, as well as doctors need a basic understanding of physics. In recognition of the importance of the subject, the Year 2005 has been earmarked as World Year of Physics/International Year of Physics. The year 2005 also marks the centenary of Albert Einstein’s three famous papers on Relativity, Photoelectric Effect and Brownian Motion.

Physics offers challenging, exciting, and productive careers. As a career, it covers many specialized fields - from acoustics, astronomy, and astrophysics to medical physics, geophysics, and vacuum sciences. It offers a variety of work activities ranging from lab supervisor, researcher, and technician to teacher and manager. Physics opens doors to employment opportunities throughout the world in government, industry, schools, and private organizations.

Physicists work by determining the basic laws which govern phenomena such as gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear interactions leading to discoveries and innovations that advance nuclear energy, electronics, communications, aerospace technology and medical instrumentation. Physicists find themselves working in astrophysics, geophysics, medical physics, nuclear physics, meteorology, astronomy and biophysics, by acquiring specialized knowledge of these fields.

Jobs with Physics

Present below is a brief sketch of avenues and nature of jobs suitable for physics students:

  • In industries, physicists conduct research for improved methods and technologies
  • In the communications industry, physicists work in sectors such as television, telephone and radio
  • In the petroleum industry, they are engaged in laboratory work for finding improved methods of processing crude oil
  • In the aerospace industry, physicists work on technological innovations
  • Physicistswork with mathematical and statistical scientists and with engineers
  • Geophysicists combine the knowledge of geology and physics. Geophysics is used in the study of meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, seismology, radioactivity and magnetism
  • Biophysicists study living organisms and life processes
  • Medical physicists play a vital role in the designing and use of electronic equipments for use in the medical sector
  • Astrophysicists design equipment for astronomical study and also interpret the research findings of astronomers, particularly in thermonuclear research related to space sciences
  • Experimental Physicists work in experimental physics
  • Specialized areas for physicists are mechanics, atomic and molecular physics, heat, optics, acoustics, electricity and magnetism, electronics, nuclear physics, physics of fluids, solid-state physics, or classical theoretical physics.
  • Emerging areas of study for physicists are cryogenics, crystallography, and plasma physics.


Fig: A figure showing avenues for Physics students.


Sample jobs on internet

A casual search through the internet revealed several openings for Physics students.

  • Nature Publishing Group requires Chief Editor who must have a strong track record in either optics or photonics research as well as editorial experience. Candidates must demonstrate a good understanding of the challenges faced by researchers in both industry and academia, knowledge of the Asian market and the ability to speak Japanese, Chinese or Korean would be an advantage but not essential.
  • Newport Corporation is looking for Sales Area Manager in UK. The company is a globally recognized leader in advanced technology products and solutions for fields such as Research, Life & Health Science, Aerospace & Defence, Industrial Manufacturing, Semiconductors and Microelectronics. The candidate should be educated to degree level in physics or a field such as opto-mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering, preferably with two to four years in a sales and/or application engineering environment within the European/international marketplace. Essential to the position is the ability to understand the technology and capabilities of the various Spectra-Physics product ranges, and to relate this to the needs of the customer.
  • Springer , one of the most renowned scientific publishing companies in the world, is looking for an experienced Physics Editor to further develop the UK programme in Physics (and in interdisciplinary areas close to Engineering). The candidate will have a degree in physics or a related discipline and at least three years’ experience in Handbooks and journal publishing.

Interest in scientific phenomena, patience, perseverance, precision and tremendous inclination to search for real solutions is the strength of all physicists. The motivation for scientific work should be intense. Sustained efforts to pursue research are also required. The ability to work with details is important.

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