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Summer jobs: Earn your pocket money

Holidays are welcome but after some time they tend to get very boring. Enjoying or going out can be done only for a short while. Bored students often do not know how to spend their time productively. Taking up a summer job would be one of the ways to utilize free time.

This trend always existed in developed nations, where young people become independent at an early age, but it is slowly but surely catching up in India as well. Earlier, about two to three per cent of college students worked either in the summer or at part-time jobs. Now, about 15 to 20 per cent take on summer jobs.

When children are in school or even in colleges in India, they are leading a sheltered, cocooned existence, and have little or no exposure to the real world. Summer jobs broaden their exposure and take them a step further to making a career choice.

More important than career exposure, however, is the exposure to shouldering responsibility that goes a long way in building his confidence and moulding his character.

Skills required

Since summer jobs are short-term assignments, basic qualifications are not important. Companies are willing to hire those who have finished school as well as college and university students. The only requirement is that the individual fits into the requirements of the job. Such jobs are typically test marketing of a particular product, market research, sales and telemarketing, ushers and guides in trade fairs and exhibitions, public relations and other media activities.

Key requirements in the service and marketing sectors are the ability to speak fluent English and project a pleasing personality.

Where to look for summer jobs?

Contrary to common belief, getting a summer job for a few months is not difficult. Youngsters aspiring to do a summer job have a lot of avenues to choose from these days.

  • Restaurants require people for short durations to meet the summer rush. Students can identify these in their town and approach them.
  • They can also take part in trade fairs and exhibitions and other such events held in their cities. All they have to do is meet the concerned organisers.
  • Jobs related to getting opinions about certain products or telemarketing are gaining popularity as well.
While some companies may advertise for such jobs, it is advisable to contact agencies that deal in such jobs and leave your bio-data so that they can call you later. Another way to get summer jobs is through relatives or parents of friends who may be employed in banks and companies.

Perks of doing a summer job

Apart from the obvious advantages of earning pocket money and being busy during holidays, summer jobs help in giving a much-needed confidence to a youngster. Once you have done a job or two, you will realize what kind of personality you have and what you want to do later in life. Moreover, the fact that you have done summer jobs will definitely give you an advantage later if you want to go in for an MBA or a professional course.

It helps you assess actual work environments and is a process of growing up. It should not be seen just a means to earn money but to collect experience. The employability prospects of the student increase as it gives the youngsters experience to add on to their bio-data. He gains hands-on experience and acquires the inter-personal skills required in the industry. Besides, dependency on parents decreases. At the end of their tenure most companies give these youngsters an experience certificate that comes in handy when applying in the industry later.

If you are particularly talented or show promise in the job, the company would probably offer you a full time job once you finish college. This is no small advantage, considering the fact that many college graduates have a tough time finding a worthwhile job. So the summer job should be taken seriously and should be done well. It should not be seen merely as a time-pass.

Which kind of a job should you look for?

The first step is to assess what work you enjoy doing. Employers will appreciate the fact that you have thought about the job you want to do, instead of going to them and saying you are willing to do anything.

If you like to meet people, then sales and public relations jobs are for you. In market research too, you will meet a lot of people.

Girls mostly look out for desk jobs. For them, jobs of receptionists and of telemarketing are suited well. The field of computers has opened many opportunities. Firms employ data entry operators for short durations. You can also help make software if you have the capability and are able to get on a project.


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