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Compassion in a tea stall!

It was something that happens in daily life and not in a particularly catastrophic setting. The event I was inspired by was simple and unnoticed, yet capable of touching a common chord in humanity.

I was sipping tea at a tea stall in Delhi. Suddenly I heard a noise of small drums. I looked around and saw two kids, one girl and the other a boy, dancing. One frequently comes across these kinds of children in India who do acrobatics to entertain a crowd for money. It's a common sight in Delhi too. These kids had already started their performance. In the crowd, there were four or five young people, presumably students, who were watching them.

While doing the act, the boy suddenly tripped and fell on his face hurting himself badly. He started crying. What happened next was amazing. One of the guys came forward quickly, picked him up and started calming him while the other bought a bottle of cold drink for him. The third one bought some food for the kids. They were pacifying them saying that nothing had happened.

It was an incredible expression of compassion that resides dormant in every heart. Mind you, if nothing had happened, these same guys would not have even bothered to shell out some pennies for their performance, because being students they themselves are hard pressed for money.

But faced with a situation like this, something touched the wellspring of compassion in them and they were moved to do what they did.

By Alok Ghosh

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