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In our busy everyday schedule, so many things happen. So many times we laugh, so many times we cry and so many people we meet; but there are only a few moments which we actually cherish. Very few moments are close to our hearts, our souls. Very few moments make us feel contented and satisfied with our own lives. In fact, there are very few moments that prove that in spite of living in a cold, rude, selfish world, we can feel the warmth that could be so pure, so blissful and so heavenly that it could reveal the depth of truth, which exists somewhere even today.

I too have one such moment in the reservoir of my memory which brought me closer to the life. Standing at the porch of Kalibari Temple at Shimla, a faint smile touched my lips. It was a night- dark and silent. Still, standing at height, I could see lights glittering down the hill, stars twinkling brightly up in the sky, snatching away from the night her darkness and awarding her luminosity in return. It was a lovely scene. Most beautiful I had ever seen. Just one person was standing next to me, looking down the hill with the same heartening smile, which I felt on my own lips. I wondered if he was also bewildered by the determination of the man to challenge the nature and lightening up the darkness of night or only enjoying the beautiful scene. But I soon realized that he was blind. He could not see any thing; neither the lights nor the beauty of the night. But his confident smile told me that he could see and feel something which even I could not.

Although silent, he could listen to the winds, he could listen to what the night had to say- "Maybe you are not able to see anyone around yourself in my darkness, but you can look within yourself and see clearly what you could never do even in the morning's light. Maybe I am silent, but even in my silence I am offering you a hope of morning, a hope of light in your life."

That very moment told me the philosophy of life, a reason to live. It gave me a vision to see through darkness, to see through despairs. I could not say if it was the night that inspired me or the man standing next to me. I felt the dark silent moment whispering to me that the world is beautiful; all we need is a vision to see through all odds and to live every moment that the life offers.

By Meeta Mehrotra

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