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FMCG is one of the biggest sectors for campus placements

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy. This sector provides significant direct and indirect employment opportunities. With a market size of more than Rs. 60,000 Crore, the FMCG sector provides employment for over 30 Lakh people in the country. This sector also accounts for 5% of total factory employment in the country.

FMCG industry is volume driven and is characterized by low margins. The products are branded and backed by marketing, heavy advertising, packaging and strong distribution networks. There are a lot of jobs in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Promotions, Advertising, Research and Operations. Presently most of the jobs are for the rural areas.

Aspirants of a career in FMCG are required to be ready for postings in rural India. Rural markets account for 56 per cent of total domestic FMCG demand. 71 per cent of FMCG sales come from agro-based products. This has created a lot of jobs in small towns and rural India.

Over the last few years, competition amongst the branded players has been intense due to the emergence of new players as well as free imports. Sales growth in FMCG is on a continuous rise. The growth rates range from 6.5 per cent (Gillette India) to a robust 15 per cent (Godrej Consumer). Hindustan Lever one of the biggest market players has reported a sales growth of 7 percent for the quarter ending March 2005. In the organized sector the major players are Hindustan Lever, ITC, Procter & Gamble, Dabur, Marico, Reckitt & Colman, to name a few . This signifies continuous growth of jobs in this sector.

Information Technology is a strategic tool in the growth and success of FMCG in today's global climate. There are two types of jobs that IT professionals could get into in this sector. The first is oriented towards application systems and the second is technology-oriented such as data communications and networking. Candidate should be a BTech / BE in Computer Sciences. Computer Engineers and Management Graduates in Systems & Operations are also considered for such jobs.

For dynamic young scientists, the FMCG sector offers one of the best career options. Scientists and Technologists belonging to diverse disciplines of chemistry, bio-sciences, material and engineering sciences, work in multi-disciplinary teams at the FMCG Company’s Research Centre. It helps scientists to grow in their basic disciplines as it provides a vast scope for carrying out scientific industrial research. It also provides them with opportunities to pursue other avenues of growth in the businesses based on individual interests and abilities.

FMCG is one of the biggest sectors for campus placements every year. There are opportunities for students from Business Schools as well as for Graduates from good colleges. There is something for every one who is ready to put in hard work and work rigorously in the field.

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