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Goa campaigns for family, up-marklet tourists
Goa, India's smallest state, is campaigning to improve its image and attract family and upmarket tourists.Because of "dubious activities" such as child abuse, tourism authorities are moving to sustain its position as a family destination, eTurboNews reported.......

FDI deals mounting rapidly
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Indian retail appears to be finally marked off, looking to the scurry observed in the scenario.A joint venture is setting up to sell Nike products including footwear, sportswear, boots, slippers, sandals, athletic shoes and apparels by Moja-Tano........

PM speaks up for Brand Bangalore
TCS sees big business opportunities in India's booming hospitality industry and says it is in talks with other hotel chains for similar outsourcing work........

Union Budget Opens FDI and Allocation for Tourism Industry
Indian Tourism Industry has a strong relationship with the economic growth of the country. As GDP continues to increase, it enhances investment in basic infrastructure like transport system, which is a vital support to tourism industry. .......

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