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Glaxo introduces ENO pudina

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSKCH), a global nutritional healthcare company present in India since 1958, announced the introduction of ENO Pudina in select Indian markets. With the launch of the Pudina flavoured variant, GSKCH India has expanded its portfolio of products in the antacids segment.

Retaining the well-accepted proposition of significant action starting within 6 seconds, the new variant of ENO would gain from the naturally soothing effect of the Pudina herb. The new combination would offer quick and effective relief from the discomfort of acidity. “Pudina has a long heritage of use as a carminative in digestive disorders. Since time immemorial, Pudina has been used and recommended for digestive disorders,” said Ms. Trupti Bhandari, Marketing Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare India. “The main ingredients of Eno Pudina are ‘Svarjikshara’ & ‘Nimbukamlam which provide the fast action while Pudina provides the benefit of cooling and numbing the oesophagus (food pipe), enhancing the perception of relief.”

ENO Pudina has been demonstrated to neutralize acid, both in the stomach as well as refluxed acid in the oesophagus (food-pipe). It has been shown that other antacids only neutralize the acid in the oesophagus, and not in the stomach. This ability of ENO Pudina to neutralize stomach acid, in addition to refluxed acid in the oesophagus makes it a remedy of choice for fast and effective relief against both acidity and heartburn.

The launch of the Pudina variant is expected to expand the market for antacids and enhance the equity of the brand ENO accrued over a period of 34 years. ENO Pudina is a Pan India launch covering the North, West, East and key markets of South.



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