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Siemens unveils advanced CT

Siemens Medical Solutions recently unveiled the world’s first dual source computed tomography (CT) system. SOMATOM Definition is faster than every beating heart and capable of imaging full cardiac detail with as much as 50 per cent less radiation exposure compared to traditional CT scans.

Setting new standards in cardiac diagnosis, the SOMATOM Definition will image patients with high or irregular heart rates, or even arrhythmia, without beta blocker medications that have been previously needed to slow a patient’s heart. The system also enables physicians to better identify and characterise plaque, an early indicator of heart disease.

Siemens’ newest innovation is an ideal tool for one-stop diagnosis in acute care imaging, including the assessment of patients with acute chest pain, abdominal pain, and suspicion of stroke. The system enables faster and earlier diagnosis in acute care patients while maintaining the highest image quality, independent of patient size and condition.

The SOMATOM Definition has enhanced capabilities not previously available from any type of diagnostic imaging technology, which are expected to lead to new breakthroughs in clinical research. These capabilities include scanning with two different X-ray energies simultaneously, which allow physicians to better differentiate, characterise, isolate and distinguish bone, soft tissue and fluid.


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