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Banking on health

The Indian healthcare industry is undergoing phenomenal expansion as private hospitals and continued investment in the public health programmes drive the boom.

Together, this health infrastructure serves a population of over 1 billion, growing at about 2% annually. And driving this unprecedented demand for quality healthcare is India’s over 300 million strong middle class.

But is there a commensurate manpower supply to meet this demand? Or will the workforce and leadership shortages that already exist in many health professions worsen?

On the face of it, healthcare careers are offering numerous rewards, including making a difference in the lives of patients and populations, intellectual challenge and continuous learning, attractive compensation and benefits, security and the ability to work anywhere in the world!

Says Dr Sanjiv Malik, president, Indian Medical Association (IMA): “A very important development over the last few years has been the slowing down of brain drain. We are seeing very few doctors opting for opportunities abroad because of very good avenues in the country.

With India emerging as a healthcare hub and attracting both patients and best practices from abroad, there is definitely a growth in health-care jobs. Clinical research is again catching on fast and we can expect a good number of jobs for our graduates.”

Indeed, healthcare is one of today’s largest, most dynamic and growing fields, with a wide range of opportunities and challenges. The ageing population, combined with continued medical advances, will significantly increase healthcare demand and career opportunities.

As a result, tremendous career opportunities exist and will continue to grow for students interested in healthcare delivery, policy, public health, leadership, medicine, nursing and other vital health professions.

Explains Dr Ambrish Mithal, senior consultant, endocrinology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, and member, WHO Global Task Force on Osteoporosis: “The biggest change that we are seeing in healthcare careers is the opening for non-medical people in areas such as marketing, public relations, project management and administration.



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