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India : Global luxury brands 'neither a worry nor a pushover'

Although reputed Indian fashion designers are not afraid of the entry of global luxury brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Armani et al, but the famous indigenous luxury brand from China, Shanghai Tan, is giving global luxury brands a run for their money, especially in China and Hong Kong.

According to fashion designer Raghavendra Rathod, having one channel in Delhi is more of a sorry state than a state to worry about. Indian markets are not on the priority-status for global luxury brands, as they cannot make a run into the entire Indian market.

In India, Armani has just four stores, whereas even in a country like Vietnam, it has opened 70 stores at one go. Thus, for the global luxury brands, Indian market are nowhere on their radar sceens, say industry observers.

Arvind Singhal, Chairman, KSA Technopak agreeing with designer Rathod’s opinion says that there is no fear or suspicion because the scale of invasion is non-existant. He adds that luxury brands are not entering India in a big way.

Leena Singh of Ashima Leena, asserts that in apparels, strengths lie in its local beauty and crafts and hence, no foreign brands can compete with the local manufacturers.

As the Indian designers take refuge in their India-specific products, they may get blocked on the brand front since famous Indian designers may have a passionate following among the rich-and famous, but they cannot call themselves 'Big.'


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