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EPC global to hold the first Apparel, Fashion And Footwear Summit

EPC global India, a division of GS1 India, announced that EPC global is going to hold the first Apparel, Fashion and Footwear Summit on use of RFID (Radio Frequency identification) technology and EPC (Electronic Product Code) standards on 22nd February 2006 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Summit will lead to the formation of a Business Action Group (BAG) for the apparel, fashion and footwear industries respectively. This Business Action Group will be chartered to develop industry wide standards for the application of RFID and the EPCglobal system for apparel, fashion and footwear.

Heavyweights from the apparel, fashion and footwear industries from manufacturing, finishing, and retailers to logistics support companies from all over the world are expected to participate at this Summit.

Speaking on the Summit, Ravi Mathur, CEO, EPC global India stated, "It is the industry itself that has identified the need for global standards to derive the maximum returns from their RFID investments. EPC global's job will be to enable the development of standards by providing the industries the required platform and through sharing best practices from its extensive experience in facilitating the formation of result-driven BAGs."

He further added that, "Indian companies must participate in this meeting in order to be a part of the entire process of standards development which will help them in understanding the many applications and benefits of EPC / RFID and enable them to significantly enhance their Supply Chain efficiencies. Participation at this forum is also important for Indian companies looking at export markets in the post-quota regime and emerging Retailer mandates."

Potential benefits of applying RFID systems within the apparel, fashion and footwear sectors include reduced inventory, process efficiency, anti-counterfeit, global track and trace thereby increased customer satisfaction.


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