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65 designers to participate in India Fashion Week 2006

Sixty-five designers will participate in the India Fashion Week (IFW) in April 2006 and the event's organisers are currently finalising sponsors.

A statement from the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), which organises the IFW, said the number of participants in this year's event was up from 63 designers last year.

FDCI also said it had received a letter from the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission, seeking information on the IFW and related matters. The letter had been sent to FDCI's legal team, which "will respond appropriately", the statement said.

FDCI is a leading organisation of India's fashion design industry, and was set up in 1998 with leading designers. It said its membership had grown from 54 in 1998 to 166.

The first IFW was held in New Delhi in 2000, when 33 designers presented their prêt lines, while IFW 2001 in Mumbai had collections from 44 designers and IFW 2004 had 63 designers.


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