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Fashion thrives on controversy

While the fashion fraternity comes to terms with the 'great divide', designer Ritu Beri candidly shares her views on the controversy that's tearing apart the industry.

As someone who belongs to the industry and is yet not part of the fracas, since she has not participated in the Indian Fashion Week for quite some time, Ritu has "been watching what's happening as an interested observer."

According to her, "fashion everywhere in the world thrives on controversy. It's not unique to Indian fashion alone. With four fashion weeks on the cards, Ritu is optimistic.

"This whole thing has been positive for the fashion industry. Anything that accelerates movement in the fashion industry is positive. The more, the better is what I feel. As long as these fashion weeks provide a professional podium to our designers, it's a good thing."

Yet, she's skeptical, "Indian fashion is making a mark over a period of time. Though, we still don't meet international standards and our fashion weeks can hardly be called fashion weeks at all. What's greatly missing from Indian fashion is a developed retail industry. But things are definitely improving now and we do have a developing retail industry."


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