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India: An alternative to cotton

This summer, garment manufacturers have an alternative to cotton in man made cellulose fibres-Modal and Tensal.

International and domestic companies have been active at marketing man made cellulose with claims that they offered better results compared to cotton.

Australian company Lenzing Fibres collaborated with Vardhman Spinning Mills to organise a technical seminar on Thursday in order to promote Modal and Tensel fibres.

A fashion show was also organised to showcase garments prepared by a blend these fibres with cotton and acrylic.

Modal and Tensel are popular cellulose fibres, made from wood pulp which has properties to blend with any fibre, wherein good designs and colour combinations can be incorporated which is not possible in cotton, claim companies.

Pradeep Roongta, Managing Director, Stuti Exports Private Ltd and sole agent for Lenzing Group in India said, “As these fibres have been made from wood pulp, they are perfect for the skin. Also cellulose fibre grown on the same land can give thrice as much yield as cotton and its water usage is 10 times less. However the price of these fibres is almost double as compared to cotton.”

“The garments are a perfect choice for the upmarket segment as well as for the exports sector,” V K Goyal, Chief Executive Officer, Vardhman Spinning Mills, said.

Neva Garments Executive Director said, “Modal garments are well accepted and are a better choice than cotton as their absorption power is nearly 13% as against 7.5% of cotton.”

Lenzing has been active in India for several years and has already conquered the market for Lenzing fibers with the help of Stuti Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Lenzing Modal has been embraced by the Indian textile industry as an interesting alternative to cotton. Fabrics in blends with cotton and in 100% form are used in home textiles and clothing.

A blend of Lenzing Modal and silk was developed specially for the Indian market. This fabric is used in saris and conveys a brilliant sheen and unbeatable softness on the fabrics.


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