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Yoga 'hot' among Japanese women

Having gone through trend cycles several times in the past, yoga has recently been brought back into the spotlight by Japanese women in their 20s and 30s. This time, newly-minted zealots are pursuing made-in-the-US workouts rather than traditional spiritual exercises. Industry insiders say the keywords are "hot" and "power."

While in "Hot yoga" one exercises in a steamy studio, the other major type of trendy yoga called "power yoga" is workout-style yoga. Yoga followers say that stretching in a hot and humid room increases body flexibility without damaging muscles or joints.

"Power Yoga" has been made popular by Hollywood actresses and models who adopted this form of yoga to maintain their slender bodies. Unlike the original mental-healing yoga, in which one makes postures by bending arms and legs while sitting still, power yoga requires postures while in a standing position. It strengthens muscles and is relatively easy for even less flexible people.

(The Economic Times)

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