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NCERT revises National Talent Scheme

The National Council for Education Research & Training (NCERT) has decided, for the first time, to hand out scholarships through Class XII to the post-graduate level for students who excel in music, arts and languages. The scholarship is for Rs 1,000 a month. This was decided after a four-day seminar and workshop for a review of the NCERT’s National Talent Scheme.

Following the recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework 2005, which laid emphasis on culture and strengthening of education through music, dance, visual arts and theatre, other scholarships will also be given. In association with Bal Bhawan, NCERT will hand out scholarships for Artistic and Innovative excellence in the fields of creative performance, creative arts, creative scientific innovations and creative writing to 150 students. These scholarships, worth Rs. 500 per month, will be awarded in Class IX and will be continued till Class XII.

Sarla Rajput, head of the Department of Educational Measurement and Evaluation said “The areas of arts and languages were neglected till date. We at NCERT believe that we must pay attention to these fields now, and that children pursuing these areas need to be encouraged.’’  



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