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48.7 million Graduates in India- NCAER’s reports

The NCAER’s India Science Report shows that India had a total of 48.7 million graduates in 2004, up sharply from 20.5 million in 1991. The Report also revealed that 35 per cent of those enrolled for graduate courses in 2004 went for science as against 29 per cent in 1995-96.

Taking note of the rising level of education, the report suggested that at the all-India level each university will have to cater for around 250,000-300,000 students. The average college in the country will have to house nearly 5,000 students. While in the states like Arunachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh each college should take care of around 8,000 students.

The survey further shows that some states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are hardly spending any money on education. In Bihar, the state spends Rs. 44 per student per year while the parents themselves spent Rs. 168. In Maharashtra, the state spent Rs. 1,070 while the private spending was around Rs. 323.

The report revealed that that 42 per cent of children from agriculture families said they wanted to be graduates while just 24 per cent wished to go in for a post-graduate degree. In the case of salary earners, however, about 30 per cent wanted to do B.A. and M.A. while nearly 25 per cent wanted to go in for a technical education.


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